Industrial Control Systems Library

Industrial Control Systems Library

The SANS Industrial Control Systems Library is a central resource for all ICS Brochures detailing our courses, Posters, Surveys, Whitepapers and our Defense Use Case papers. All of the assets below are .pdf downloads.



Analyst Surveys



ICS Defense Use Cases (DUC)

    The ICS community consisting of experienced ICS security practitioners have come together to analyze recent real world incidents that range from ICS incidents, threat intelligence, and CP/PE [Cyber-to-Physical or Process Effects] that have received media coverage. The Defense Use Cases below are case study papers that contain summaries of the publicly available information and potential realistic scenarios to fill in the gaps. In detailing scenarios that could have occurred we're able to provide a baseline for possibilities and how best to defend against these types of attacks.

    The case study .pdf downloads below can be used to evaluate your critical systems and determine how best to keep them safe.


    We are providing summaries of publicly available information and have not validated if the incidents happened the way that has been described in the publicly available reporting. We are providing summaries of information, as we believe elements of the stories being conveyed provide a learning opportunity for ICS defenders.

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