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ICS Webcasts

SANS webcasts are live web broadcasts combining knowledgeable speakers with presentation slides. SANS offers several types of webcasts designed to provide valuable information and enhance your security education. View our upcoming calendar and register for SANS Information Security Webcasts today!

Dealing with Remote Access to Critical ICS Infrastructure
Speakers: Justin Searle

The SANS ICS Summit 2019 and What to Expect
Speakers: Robert M. Lee, Tim Conway and Michael Assante

A Sneak Peek at the New ICS410
Speakers: Justin Searle

Threat Management Made Easy: How to Protect Your ICS Network with Less Effort
Speakers: Dennis Murphy and Dean Parsons

Passive, Active or Hybrid Monitoring: What is the right choice for your ICS Network?
Speakers: Barak Perelman

ICS Active Defense Primer Part 2
Speakers: Kai Thomsen

ICS Active Defense Primer
Speakers: Kai Thomsen

Anatomy of the TRITON ICS Cyberattack
Speakers: Justin Searle and Phil Neray

When IoT Attacks - Understanding the Safety Risks Associated with Connected Devices
Speakers: Billy Rios

An Inside Look at the Newly Updated ICS515 Course
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

Certifying Cyber Personnel Who Protect the Electric Grid
Speakers: Tim Conway

Global Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) Certification - What ICS Defenders Need to Know
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

There's A Secure App for That: How to Mitigate Attacks Targeting Automotive Mobile Application's Communications
Speakers: Ben Gardiner and Colin DeWinter

The Four Types of Threat Detection for ICS Security
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

NotPetya, Dragonfly 2.0 & CrashOverride: Is Now the Time for Active Cyber Defense in ICS/SCADA Networks?
Speakers: Mike Assante and Phil Neray

ICS Cyber Security in The Real-World: Demonstrating Threat Detection and Mitigation In Industrial Networks
Speakers: Dana Tamir and Chris Grove

Hitting the Security Sweet Spot with Honeypots in ICS Networks
Speakers: Brent Huston

The Top 20 ICS Cyber Attacks And how to use them to improve IIoT and cloud security designs
Speakers: Tim Conway and Andrew Ginter

The 2017 State of Industrial Control System Security—Part 2: Protection, Prevention and Convergence
Speakers: Bengt Gregory-Brown, Doug Wylie, Katherine Brocklehurst, Erik Giesa and David Zahn

The 2017 State of Industrial Control System Security-Part 1: Personnel, Threats and Tools
Speakers: Bengt Gregory-Brown, Doug Wylie, Edgard Capdevielle and Ty Powers

CRASHOVERIDE - Detecting and Mitigating the Electric Grid Targeted Malware
Speakers: Mike Assante, Robert M. Lee, and Dan Gunter

IIOT and Megacities 2025
Speakers: Mike Assante and Andy Bochman

Exploring the Unknown ICS Threat Landscape
Speakers: Robert M. Lee, Ben Miller, and Mike Assante

Cybersecuring DoD ICS Systems
Speakers: Michael Chipley

Digital Ghost: Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks in Industrial Systems
Speakers: Michael Assante and Robert Garry

Fight Advanced Persistent Threats in ICS with Applied Trickery
Speakers: Bryce Galbraith

The GICSP: A Cornerstone Certification
Speakers: Scott Cassity and Doug Wylie

Prioritizing the CIS Critical Controls for ICS: Learning from recent incidents
Speakers: Mike Assante, Tim Conway, and Walt Sikora

Practical ICS Cyber Security for the Process Industry
Speakers: James McGlone and Jim Gilsinn

Incorporating ICS Cybersecurity Into Water Utility Master Planning
Speakers: Jason Dely

Running a Better Red Team Through Understanding ICS/SCADA Adversary Tactics
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

Demystifying Cyber Attacks on ICS: How They Work and How to Use Engineered and Cyber Layer of Protections
Speakers: Bryan L. Singer, CISSP, CAP

ICS-Houston Security Briefing

Where Are We Now?: The SANS 2016 ICS Survey
Speakers: Derek Harp, Bengt Gregory-Brown, Arabella Hallawell, David Meltzer, Christopher Strand and Jason Trost

What we all need to learn from recent ICS incidents
Speakers: Mike Assante and Tim Conway

ICS Network Segmentation
Speakers: Brett Young and Dan Morrow

Learn to Trust Your Insecure ICS Networks
Speakers: Lisa Lorenzin and David Mattes

The Frankenstein Framework - Assembling the Pieces to Enhance ICS Security Without Creating a Monster
Speakers: Justin Opatrny

Analyzing the Ukrainian Power Grid Cyber-Attacks
Speakers: Jake Williams

Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Device Security Research - A Primer
Speakers: Billy Rios

Deconstructing the Reports of Iranian Activity Against the Power Grid and New York Dam
Speakers: Mike Assante, Robert M. Lee

Noise Matters in Every Industrial Control System
Speakers: Doug Wylie

How NERC and CIP are making a difference
Speakers: Tim Conway

Security Awareness Programs and NERC CIP
Speakers: Lance Spitzner and Tim Conway

NERC CIP: Hot Topics
Speakers: Tim Conway and Ted Gutierrez

Hacking the Hospital
Speakers: Billy Rios

ICS Cybersecurity: Models for Success
Speakers: Michael Assante and Robert M. Lee

Car Wars Episode I: Hacker Menace
Speakers: Mike Assante and Matthew Carpenter

CIP V6 NOPR What You Need to Think About
Speakers: Mike Assante and Tim Conway

Cyber Security Strategies: Protecting Your ICS Investments a discussion with Ultra-3eti and Mike Assante of SANS
Speakers: Michael Assante and Alex Tarter, Ph.D.

The Sliding Scale of Cyber Security
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

Onboarding the ICS Mindset into Cyber Security Controls
Speakers: Jason Dely

APTs in ICS - Understanding and Preparing for the Rising Threat Landscape in Critical Infrastructure
Speakers: Mike Assante and Del Rodillas

Challenges and Strategies for Addressing the NERC CIP Version 5 Training Requirements
Speakers: Michael Assante, Tim Conway, and Ted Gutierrez

The State of Security in Control Systems Today: A SANS Survey Webcast
Speakers: Derek Harp, Adam Meyer and Ted Gary

Implementing an ICS Active Defense Strategy
Speakers: Robert M. Lee

Achieving ICS Network Security Monitoring and Visibility with Flow Data
Speakers: Robert M. Lee and Chris Sanders

Protecting Critical Infrastructure by Transforming Threat Intelligence into an Effective Defense
Speakers: Mike Assante and Mark Trump

Demystifying Targeted Attacks on Industrial Control Systems
Speakers: Scott King, Graham Speake, and Eric Cornelius

Advanced ICS Cybersecurity: Moving Beyond Defense in-Depth to an Intelligence-Driven Approach
Speakers: Mike Assante, Rich Mahler, and Rob Michael Lee

An Overview of ICS 515 - Active Defense
Speakers: Rob M. Lee

Cyber Security Metrics and Measuring Vulnerability
Speakers: Chandler Comerford Co-Presenters: Dr. Andrew Woodward and Peter Hannay

Industrial Control Systems Security Briefing

Designing and Implementing a Honeypot on a SCADA Network
Speakers: Charlie Scott, Master's Degree Candidate - Masters Presentation

Defending ICS Against Cyberthreats with Next Generation Security
Speakers: Michael Assante, Del Rodillas

SANS Securing The Human for ICS Engineers
Speakers: Michael Assante

Cybersecuring DOD ICS Systems
Speakers: Michael Chipley, PhD PMP LEED AP BD +C GICSP

ICS Attack Surfaces
Speakers: Dr. Eric Cole

Improving Security Through IT/OT Collaboration
Speakers: Graham Speake

Building an ICS Security Program: Where to Begin
Speakers: Michael Assante

Results of the SANS SCADA Security Survey
Speakers: Matt Luallen, Markus Braendle, Walter Sikora, and Mark Seward

Traditional Attack Motives must be Tailored for the ICS World
Speakers: Pat Combs, Schneider Electric

Understanding Control System Cyber Security
Speakers: Matt Luallen

Why Every CSO Needs to Know Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Speakers: Billy Rios, Cylance

Why Every CSO Needs to Know Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Speakers: Billy Rios

ICS Component Security Testing - Field Devices
Speakers: Justin Searle

ICS Component Security Testing - Field Devices (Singapore)
Speakers: Justin Searle

SANS Industrial Control Systems Security Briefing - Live from Houston, TX
Speakers: Mike Assante, President & CEO of NBISE; Lior Frenkel, Co-Founder & CEO, Waterfall Security Solutions; Bart Pestarino, Codenomicon and Jonathan Knudsen, Principal Systems Engineer, Codenomicon

Absence of the Normal, Presence of the Abnormal
Speakers: Tim Harwood

Prioritizing Security Resources
Speakers: Eric Cornelius

ICS/SCADA Honeypot Pros & Cons
Speakers: Brent Huston

Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Response to Physical Breaches - A How-To Guide
Speakers: Michael Assante