Industrial Control Systems Library: Poster

Industrial Control Systems Library:

ICS "Securing an Automated World" Poster

32nd Edition Poster

The 32nd Edition poster contains a description of the SANS ICS Curriculum, including each course we offer to help those is the ICS space master their trade and build their skills. A detailed history of ICS including Automation and ICS Security Events dating back to the early 1700s showing how Industrial Control Systems have evolved over the decades and the ICS Security Solutions Map which provides a logical perspective on various defense approaches and security products that can be implemented throughout an ICS environment. Side two of the poster shows the proliferation of ICS systems contained in a variety of industries. While some of these systems are essential for a particular sector to operate in a safe and profitable manner, many of the systems support sectors that are critical to national infrastructure. It is important to understand the pervasiveness of automation and control systems throughout the world in which we live and the need to develop a workforce to operate and secure these systems.