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Ready, Set, Stop! FERC Postpones CIP Version 5

This post was written by SANSICS456 - Essentials for NERC CIP co-author TedGutierrez. Just when the electric industry thought that they had seen it all, FERC pulls another rabbit out of its hat astonishing audiences near and far. In an order issued today (February 25, 2016) FERC granted a motion to defer the implementation of … Continue reading Ready, Set, Stop! FERC Postpones CIP Version 5

NERC CIP is hard!

If you are a CIP practitioner responsible for developing or maintaining a NERC CIP compliance program you know how tough a job that really is - there is just no denying that NERC CIP is hard! I've been there and I know first-hand the challenges of keeping the wheels on the CIP train all rolling … Continue reading NERC CIP is hard!