SANS Industrial Control Systems Security Blog: Author - tconway

What Will Your Attack Look Like?

In my time at SANS I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of ICS professionals, and helped to create some industry leading ICS courses as well as certifications. While we are always hard at work in helping our customers we are equally as focused on leveraging the opportunity that SANS … Continue reading What Will Your Attack Look Like?

One CIP, Two CIP, Red CIP, Blue CIP

This blog was written by - Tim Conway with contributions, edits, and research from Ted Gutierrez and Kevin Perry Looking at the Ukraine cyber-attacks through the various lenses of NERC CIP Following the cyber-attacks which impacted the Ukrainian electric system on December 23, 2015 there were a number of public statements and discussions asking if … Continue reading One CIP, Two CIP, Red CIP, Blue CIP

Engineering Cyber Safety

For many organizations that run security awareness programs, the question eventually comes up "how do I make our program more relevant and interesting to our audience". For operational organizations that have teams of engineers and remote field technicians who interact with Industrial Control Systems, the question is a very challenging one. Cyber reliance, cyber interconnectedness, … Continue reading Engineering Cyber Safety