Ernie Rakaczky ICS Lifetime Achievement Award

Ernie Rakaczky ICS Lifetime Achievement Award

Ernie Rakaczky ICS Lifetime Achievement Award - 2017 Recipient Announcement

The SANS Institute has announced that William "Art" Conklin, Associate Professor, Department of Information & Logistics Technology and Director, Center for Information Security Research & Education at the University of Houston will receive the first annual Ernie Rakaczky ICS Security Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Conklin will be honored at the SANS ICS Security Summit which takes place on March 20-21, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

The award was established in 2016 in the memory of Ernie Rakaczky and recognizes his extensive passion for progress, innovation, and investment in the ICS field. The award selection panel seeks individuals who exemplify Ernie's passion and impact to the field of ICS security.

Dr. Conklin has influenced the ICS security community for more than a decade, leading programs to produce the next generation of capable cyber warriors in the ICS security space. He has been a driving advocate for ICS security education across several national initiatives and has created a graduate level program in SCADA security as part of the University of Houston's Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

The 2017 SANS ICS Security Summit will begin on March 20th with an opening keynote by Mike Assante, SANS ICS and SCADA Lead and the day's agenda will include the presentation of the award. There is still time to make arrangements to attend the two-day Summit event and to be part of this important recognition. Please visit the event website for full details.

Ernie Rakaczky ICS Security Lifetime Achievement Award

In honor of the great achievements of the late Ernest (Ernie) A. Rakaczky, Jr. (1956 - 2015)
"A true pioneer in the field of Industrial Control System security"

Ernie Rakaczky, Jr. was best known by his peers as an advocate with a passion for progress, innovation, and investment in the ICS field. He became a strong supporter of U.S. and Canadian efforts to enhance the security of ICS on an international scale, and an activist to bridge the gap of IT and OT through education and awareness of proper automation systems to security professionals. Ernie served on the GICSP steering committee, where his expertise and insight directed the formulation of the certification. Those who worked alongside Ernie will remember him for his dedication and contributions in shaping the ICS security field and his optimistic outlook on the potential to make a difference.

The award selection panel uses criteria that exemplifies Ernie's passion and pursuit of progress, and his compassion and leadership within the ICS security community. Nominees must demonstrate the following to be considered in recognition for this award:

  • Passion for Progress, Innovation, and Change
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Dignity and Compassion for Others
  • Contributions to the Development of the ICS Community

The call for nominations is open until December 31, 2016. The recipient of this award will be recognized at the annual SANS ICS Summit in March 2017.

Nomination Procedure

Nominator must submit a letter of nomination, at least two seconding letters, and a curriculum vitae for a candidate. Nominator must submit a letter of nomination and short write-up about the candidate. This documentation must be submitted to by the specified deadline for the year, December 20, 2016.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee is composed of eight members, representing the ICS security field. Committee members can be proposed by award sponsors and sitting committee members. The ICS Director of SANS acts as the non-voting Chair of the Committee, and the ICS Curriculum leader acts as the non-voting Committee Secretary.

Committee members receive all nominations for review and meet annually. Nominations are held in confidence.

The plaque and award are generally presented at the annual ICS Security Summit, which takes place in February or March. The recipient, who must be present to accept the award, will also be asked to be a speaker on the event program.

Checklist for Nominations

In nominating candidates, please include the following information where applicable:

  • Name and current address
  • Current professional title & position
  • Education
  • Research
  • Work history
  • ICS security activities & community contributions
  • Publications
  • Professional involvement
  • Awards
  • TV, radio, public speaking

Please submit your candidate's curriculum vitae, your letter of nomination, and at least two seconding letters to: